Digital Signage

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Do you want to use an effective and powerful tool to communicate your message to your audience?

Boardroom Solutions welcomes you to the latest revolution in signage!

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Digital signage is popping up everywhere and is fast being used in every application possible. Where ever there is a need to communicate a message to an individual or group, digital signage can be used.

From displays in retail, educational, govenment, information kiosks and directories, it is the fastest growing advertising medium in the world.

Boardroom Solutions is well experienced with this diverse new technology and has available a wide range of plasmas, LCD's, media players and more for use in the digital signage and "DOOH" (Digital Out Of Home) advertising field. Whether you are after something mobile, free standing or intergrated on a wall or ceiling we can help. 

The limits are virtually endless with potential applications.


The latest in digital signage!

Digital signage is a new way for businesses to advertise, promote and identify to their clients and customers who they are by using full motion and full colour video images. These can be used on a wide range of monitors or even projected onto an area such as the shop window.

No longer are you governed to the square or rectangular shape of a plasma or LCD screen. Now you can have any shape you can imagine, from a circle to your company's logo, the possibilities are endless.

You can have the digital signage application hanging on a piece of glass or acrylic from the ceiling in your retail outlet or adhered directly onto your shop front window.projection based digital sign hire

Linked from a central location like head office to many outlets in different suburbs or cities, the media content displayed in each outlet can be controlled indivually or from one main location through a Virtual Private Network or via the internet.

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