Solid Drive Passive Equalisation Module

SD1 Dry wall, wood, glass equaliser Solid Drive
SD1 Desktop Equaliser Solid Drive
SD1 Dry wall, wood, glass equaliser Solid Drive
Price: $65.00

Solid Drive Passive Equalization Modules

Passive Equalization Module is designed to optimize the frequency response of the SolidDrive SD1 and SolidDrive SD1g for the type of surface they are to be attached to. One module is needed for each SolidDrive SD1 or SolidDrive SD1g (included with the SD1 Desktop Kit).

The Passive Equalization Modules enhance the sound quality of the SD1 and SD1g by using notch filters to correct peaks in the frequency response. Specify surface type - gyprock, glass, desktop, wood

NOTE: When ordering please advise of which module you require. Price is for 1 module only.

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