Solid Drive SD1 Desktop Kit

solid drive sd1
solid drive sd1 desktop kit
Solid Drive SD1 Desktop Kit
Solid Drive SD1 Desktop Kit
Price: $975.00


Induction dynamics are a specialised field and a unique way to reproduce sound.

In it’s simplest explanation induction dynamics uses the surface it is fixed to, to become a sound radiator. For example; a boardroom table, a wall or even glass can become the hidden speaker system for a boardroom. SolidDrive can be used in many different ways and applications.

Comprising of a range of induction drives the SolidDrive system is the market leader from the USA in this unique yet growing field.

SD1 Desktop Kit (RRP $1,049.00)

A complete kit for use on top of any horizontal surfaces including glass, granite, metal, wood, ceramics, laminates, and composites. Special silicone rubber pad "grips" any nonporous surface.

Kit includes: one (1) SolidDrive SD1 Desktop, DC power adapter, mini amplifier, equalization module, cables, carrying case, and instructions. 8 ohm, 70Hz - 15kHz, up to 100w, 273mm diameter x 229mm height x 80mm deep, 2.2kg

Features 7 year warranty

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