Solid Drive SD1g

solid drive vertically or horizontally mounted on glass
Price: $699.00

Induction dynamics are a specialised field and a unique way to reproduce sound.

In it’s simplest explanation induction dynamics uses the surface it is fixed to, to become a sound radiator. For example; a boardroom table, a wall or even glass can become the hidden speaker system for a boardroom. SolidDrive can be used in many different ways and applications.

Comprising of a range of induction drives the SolidDrive system is the market leader from the USA in this unique yet growing field.

Solid Drive SD1g

Full range transducer for mounting on glass etc. 8 ohm, 70Hz - 15kHz, up to 100w, 58mm diameter x 53mm height, 500 grams. For use vertically or horizontally on glass or other smooth, non-porous materials. The SD1g is attached with a double-sided adhesive disc. The SolidDrive SD1g works excellently on windows, acrylic and granite sheet and nearly any other rigid non-porous surface.

7 year warranty.


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